EXCLUSIVE: SLR Magic 35mm 0.95 lens - FIRST LOOK | F8 Photography Hong Kong

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I was recently approached by SLR Magic man Andrew Chan with regards having a play with one of his new lenses, namely the 35mm 0.95 lens….of course I was keen to have a look at it, especially knowing that nobody else has used it, so I would be getting the first ‘hands on’ usage for stills photography and using the new Fuji XE1 to shoot it. One thing I’ve hear A LOT from people is how you can’t get decent BOKEH (background blur) with these smaller sensor cameras…..well ladies and gentlemen….just look at the image below, shot from about 1.5 metres away…..and then redefine your beliefs….because if thats not bokeh-liscious…then nothing is….

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