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Most photographers that I know are always in search of the perfect camera bag – and I am no different. The problem is, “perfection” doesn’t exist. What does exist, however, are camera bags that are perfect for specific applications…

I wondered if there was a high quality bag that was in keeping with the compact (and stylish) nature of these camera systems? I have long been a fan of ThinkTank camera bags – in fact, I currently own five of them and have sold everything else. They are that good. Lifetime warranties, excellent construction, very functional, excellent attention to detail – and designed by photographers for photographers. I am sold on their products. Someone suggested that I try out the Think Tank Retrospective 5  for my Fujifilm X-Pro1 system. I am glad I did – I really love this little bag. It comes in two colours – black and pinestone (which is the one I have and pictured above). Why do I love this little bag?


perfect for a compact camera system with 2-4 lenses (depending on size), spare memory cards, batteries, etc.well constructed, well padded and made with high quality materialslots of interior/exterior pockets to store thingsinterior is configurable with included Velcro insertslightweight (1 kg) and compact (25.4 cm x 21.6 cm x 15.2 cm)discreet – does not look like a camera bagrain cover is includedlifetime warranty


too small to hold a laptop or iPad (but a small tablet device will fit in the front pocket)the side pockets are very tight and you will not be able to fit much into themthe shoulder strap is unable to detach from the bag in the event you wish to use a different strapit is such a lovely, compact bag that my wife constantly tries to steal it from me for her micro four thirds system

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